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Optimizing Business. Enhancing Relationships

A seamless, unified, project and supplier management tool & easy-to-use mobile-optimized SaaS (software as a service) platform. We help manufacturing companies address their quality, cost control and communication challenges, by delivering an innovative software technology, that provides centralized documentation, improved global project control & visibility and enhanced supplier development and management.


Athon takes security very seriously. We provide intuitive, advanced security functionality that includes alerts to potential threats. And security assurance across multiple layers of the application. Let us worry about the infrastructure and security and reduce the load on your team. So that your company can focus on the tasks at hand. Even with security protocols, Athon integrates with select tools and seamlessly passes data between them.


Reduce your licence count requirements on select ERP, CRM and other process systems. Athon Systems acts as a friendly front-end user interface, so your current systems can handle the rest. Implement Athon in days, not months. A simple, fun, easy, yet robust software means minimal training time or need for high-level technical savvy. And, Athon is scalable, which means we can grow from small to as big as you want or move as fast as your business requires.

Cost Saving

LOWER TRAINING AND ON GOING TRAINING COSTS: Athon software has an intuitive user experience, you have more flexibility regarding the way you address training needs. simply have another user train the new user(s), or you may decide to adopt a “train-the-trainer” approach and have only one of your users receive training. Contrast this with software that does not have an intuitive user experience: Athon decreeases the software’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), not to mention increasing productivity of your employees.


Athon is remarkably powerful. The beauty of Athon lies in its flexibility and depth. In fact, Athon is so deep, intuitive and flexible, it's hard to believe that it carries such collaborative, analytical and performance power. The power to funnel all of your requests from all locations into a single, easily managed flow. We facilitate the internal back-and-forth communication, allowing requesters to check the status of their orders at any time. Improve supplier relationships Get through the design, quality, manufacturing, bidding and purchase approvals faster. Reduce the amount of bottlenecks and improve efficiency for your operations.


Athon understands that an intuitive user experience has tangible effects on employee productivity. There is more to user experience than having nice screens with beautiful buttons and colors. User experience encompasses many other things, such as on-screen location of software functions, number of clicks, drag-and-drop functionality, workflows, etc. If the software offers an intuitive user experience, the implementation becomes easier because the users who will be the software administrators get acquainted with the system faster, therefore requiring less implementation time, and thus reducing implementation costs in the process.


Athons collaboration functions within the system, will transform your productivity and decrease labor costs. One of the biggest factors that contribute to the success of any business is whether or not its employees are able to perform together as a team. With increasing competition, it has become extremely important to encourage creativity in the office, in order to improve productivity and promote healthy employee relationships. Working in teams enables employees to be quicker and more effective in their work, speeds up solutions, as compared to people who work on projects on their own.

Core Features of Athon Systems

Incredibly Flexible

Scaled up or Down to your preferences of performance and budget

Incredibly Agile & Collaborative

Able to monitor, maintain and perform with ease. Revolutionizing quoating. Enhancing employee, team and supplier management and development

Ultimately Powerful

Analytically intelligent, robust, fluid. An intuitive state-of-the-art performance tool

Explore the Athon System

We don't do complicated. We do business simply, realistically and smart


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I have been waiting so long for software like this. Everything you need in a collaboration and project management software. What a relief!

Randy Nghuyn-Buyer

Great innovative and powerful tool. I look forward to it's release so that I can implement it into my companies day-to-day.

Michael Poscari-CEO

Excited for this new SaaS technology. It's about time someone thought about business tools from the user perspective. Not only is it modern, It is powerful and fun to use. The ultimate user exprience, that will optimize your business as well as your bottom line.

Jenn Forsythe- Procurement


We believe in sharing, collaboration & communication. Here we will keep you up-to-date in our efforts for bigger, better, stronger, together.

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Welcome to Athon Systems. We are glad you are here. Soon, a new version of Athon will be available to the public. It will revolutionize the way business is done in the cloud.